Hello, I’m Emily.




I’ve been a professional photographer for 15 years – photographing a range of work from commercial product photography, to people, families, events, weddings. I love seeing life in images. Right now I am enjoying the pleasure of photographing our travels and adventures.

In February 2016, my husband and I, and our three young children began a nomadic adventure after selling our home and most of our things. We set out from our home base in Minnesota and headed west. We are slow traveling from place to place, really allowing ourselves time to immerse in the local culture, see the sights, have focused family togetherness time, without the rushing that comes with being a tourist trying to squeeze it all in on a short vacation. This is not a vacation to us – this is us doing everyday life with all its ups and downs – it just so happens the word home won’t be about the structure or the city we’re in, it’ll be about us being together, calling each other home (just in lots of new places along the way). We have no idea how long we’ll consider ourselves a nomadic family – maybe we’ll get to a destination, fall in love, and settle. Or maybe we’ll do it for years. We just know we want to explore this amazing planet and show our kids the world. What I know so far is that the process of preparing for adventure was its own rewarding journey. Downsizing our junk felt SO GOOD. Being intentional with what’s important to us as a family (and I mean TO US – our adventure plan is not some social commentary on how we think others should live) feels SO GOOD. We took a billion baby steps to get prepared, then took a giant leap of faith, trusting that we’re on the right track for the heart + spirit of our family. I guess this is us not trying to take life too seriously and letting trust and adventure be our guides.

While we are exploring, I am working on a series of children’s books and travel essays. I love the craft of putting words together – even if every English teacher I’ve had has told me I’m too wordy. And if by chance you found my Twitter profile, you’ll see it’s empty. I can’t for the life of me fit any of my thoughts into only 140 characters. Wordy schmordy – I am going to write anyway. And start sentences with the word and. And have so much fun doing it.

Thanks for being here – whether it’s to learn about our adventures (follow along on Instagram), or inquire about photography, or whatever reason brought you this way. Say hello if you feel so inclined!

A few other random facts about me.
+I am a maker. Pretty much every day I make something – I paint, crochet, photograph, sew, draw, write, design… a day doesn’t feel complete without it. Right now I am working on crocheting a blanket, one row each day for all of 2017 based on the weather in each place we travel. Fun fun!
+I was once a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. The puzzle I solved was a before & after with the answer “Computer Hard Drive Carefully.” It won me a few bucks, a pool table (that my dad promptly sold because we lived in a little house with no extra room), and limo service for a year. Did I mention I was 15? That meant for a year of high school, my friends and I took ridiculous trips in limousines, just for fun. I still love that show.
+I’m a mother of three. Becoming a mother quite profoundly gave meaning to my life in a way I didn’t know existed before. These little three loves of mine and my husband make my world spin around with love.
+We happily homeschool – a choice that still sometimes surprises me because I didn’t set out in parenthood to be a “homeschooling family.” See adventure plan above.
+In our home, we are a vegetarian/vegan(ish) family. I’m not known for my cooking skills, so it’s always an adventure. But we love animals, love the Earth, are not so concerned about labeling what we’re doing, and are instead are doing our best to tread lightly and live making compassionate choices for all living things.
+I like to meditate. I don’t do it as often as I should. But I love it when I do.
+I could keep going but as I already mentioned, I’m wordy and this is getting long. So instead, let’s get together to keep the conversation going. Cheers, friends.