Simple is better.

Simple is Better. Emily Walen Photography
So… I’ve arrived at the conclusion that simple really is better. For those of you who know me, you know that I have grandiose ideas and plans ALL the time. And I tend to make things complex, including a few years back when I started a different business called the event studios, llc. It was one of those grandiose ideas, with me doing photography, event planning, working with awesome vendors in floral design, invitation design and others, with an eventual goal of opening up my very own storefront for couples to visit when planning their weddings. Sounds fun right? I thought so, and I had lots of fun as I photographed and planned amazingly lovely weddings and events.

Slowly but surely though, I realized lots of things, including that I love photography most. Live and learn as the saying goes – and I did just that – lots of living, and lots + lots of learning about what makes me tick. And when I took time to figure ME out, I slowly started moving away from the other aspects of the business. And the simplifying began. Oh, and did it begin! I’ve changed my business back to a simpler name – Emily Walen (creative I know!). And I am already enjoying my simplified focus of photographing you lovely folks in a wonderfully no fuss, authentic way.

And I’ve gotten so carried away with simplifying, it’s gone way past my business… I’m clearing out the clutter in every nook and cranny at home, in my email, everywhere. I even now have this “grandiose idea” to someday live in a tiny home on a farm (here are some examples of tiny homes if you’re not sure what I’m talking about). We’ll see what’s in store for that I suppose!

So, welcome to the new and improved Emily Walen website. I am excited to share in beautiful simplicity with you. And make simply beautiful photos of you. Welcome, my friends.