emily walen – the new look and feel

Because I’ve been working on this new look and feel for my business for quite some time now, I figured sharing more about it was in order and because I’m IN LOVE with how it has all come together. And no, I’m not that good. I had a wonderfully talented designer, Tracy at Paper or Plastic Creative, who toiled over every line, every detail with me. I have GREAT respect for folks who can do design and do it well. I used to enjoy the idea that I was a designer, but as part of my life simplifying, I have happily let go of that notion. I’ll gladly stick with photography.

So to Tracy, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You took my list of words and made something incredible, a brand that looks like me, feels like me, and I love it! Of course, there’s much more than what’s here but let’s admire together the overall branding design!
Emily Walen | minneapolis lifestyle photographer - all new branding

The logo: I told Tracy it had to be simple (you know, to go with all the simplifying I’m doing around here), no fuss. It had to be friendly and inviting (kind of like your favorite old sweater – comfy and casual), not too young or old, classic but with a fresh take. It had to make you want to hang out with me after seeing it. This is why I say talented designers are amazing. How can anyone make that list (which was highly edited for this blog post since my list was actually a couple pages long) into something? I also told her that it can’t have flowers. I love flowers and for whatever reason, when I’m designing things I somehow feel this urge to add flowers to the design. Thankfully, Tracy kept me on track. :)

The colors: Oh how I love this color palette. It reminds me of nature without being too literal. The fact that I can use the colors for different things across the brand means that I won’t tire of staring at a poppy red on everything. It’s perfectly balanced and makes me smile when I see it.

The fonts: I love fonts. And I love these ones. They are simple, no fuss. Similar but very different (and it’s true… I love photography.). Again, Tracy kept me on track. I kept saying that I want calligraphy somewhere and she sweetly obliged in trying out ideas at my request, but we just kept coming back to the simplicity these bring. If I want to stay true to me, these are perfect. So instead, I’m going to add to my to do list to take a calligraphy class. I can write sweet notes with fancy writing just because, and I’m pretty sure I’ll have fun doing that.

The goods: I went to the local yarn store to pick out yarn in my colors. I was giddy with excitement to find the exact shades I was looking for. Why yarn? Well as you get to know me more, you’ll find that I L O V E making things. Crafting things. Creating things. Handmade goodness is a huge part of who I am. So it only makes sense that I add that feeling into my brand. So if you ever get a package from me going forward with my new brand, I’m pretty sure you’ll see it wrapped up with some of this deliciously soft wool yarn. The others? Note cards, business cards, and much more, each of them feels good on its own, and all of them feel good together.

And did you notice that I wrote “Be good to each other.” under the Welcome header? Well, that’s not just a gimmick. That’s a straight from my heart and my lips thing to all of you. I say that to my two sweet children at least once a day. I believe it so much I try to act that way with every person I meet. And I really just believe in the good of all people. And you know what? If you’re like me, you can always use a reminder to add more goodness to your day and to others. So, it’s just something that’s a new part of my brand, since after all, my brand represents me. I showed my husband a draft of my website at one point and he saw that sentence hanging out in the footer of the site. He stopped and smiled and said, “yep, that sounds like you.”

So I hope you love the new look too. A fresh start for amazing new things ahead. I can’t wait to photograph you (and send you packages with yarn on them!).

with love,