Photographing YOU.

Emily Walen - Minnesota lifestyle family photographer
One of the things I love to do during my family and couples photo sessions is to make a photograph of each person individually. I almost always meet a little bit of resistance when I mention it to my clients. I get it. I don’t love to be photographed on my own either. But… I think it’s a wonderful way to document YOU as you are. I know we are all many roles, family members, mamas and papas, daughters and sons, husbands, wives, partners. And when people call to chat about a family session, the focus is always on capturing the family. Which is awesome and I will very gladly do.

There is just something special about having a moment, a small moment, for me to capture YOU. Focusing on just you, for just a moment. Allowing you to be all of the roles you are in life, yes, but in that moment, you get to just be you.

So, you might find at your next session with me, that I tell you it’s time for your photo, ALONE. Scary, maybe a little. But it’ll feel good too.
Emily Walen - Minnetonka lifestyle photographer
Emily Walen - Minnetonka MN lifestyle kids photographer