emily walen photography - a mother and child photographic series
I am surrounded by beautiful mothers in my life – my mother, step-mother, mother-in-law, my sisters and friends who are mothers, and my absolute best role in life, being a mama to my spectacular children.

So, I love photographing families all together in the most precious bond that only they can share with each other. And as you know, I love photographing folks by themselves for even just a moment. But I’ve decided to spend some focused time on a new photography series, all about mothers and the unbreakable, emotional, sometimes challenging, but ALWAYS love filled bond that a mama has with her children. I truly can’t express in words what it is like to have the privelege to be a mother, to be blessed with an amazing and supportive mother. So I will instead express it in photographs.

My request is that you join me.

I am looking for mothers and their child(ren), young AND old, who would like to be photographed together. You could be a brand new mother with a precious baby, have teenage children, or maybe you don’t have children, and instead want to bring your 80 year old mother along for a session together. I welcome all of you. My goal will to be to help document your unbreakable bond and come away from each session with one or maybe a handful of images that capture you so well that you can say this: “THIS is me and my beautiful mother.” And have that tangible and beautiful memory to cherish, even when there are moments of separation between you by physical distance, or by the wonderfully complex relationship that a mother and child share.

If you are interested, please email me at emily at emilywalen dot com (that’s to avoid the spambots) for details. I will be scheduling sessions on specific dates over the next several months. Rates will be affordable. My goal is to capture you together in your most beautiful and authentic relationship. Please join me. I CAN’T wait to photograph you.

P.S. Papas, I love you too. There might be a series at some point for you too, but for now it’s just me and the mamas.
P.P.S. The images above are a few of my favorites of me with my mother (who TRULY has THE MOST infectious laugh). I am so blessed to call her mom.