Writing wedding vows

I write about weddings A LOT. Obviously, since I curate a wedding blog. One of the posts I wrote in 2013 was about helping couples navigate the process of writing their own wedding vows. In it, I shared some vows I wrote specifically for the post, and I’m continually amazed that six months later, this is still such a popular post and pin on Pinterest. Last I looked, it had been pinned 1,000+ times. So fun. I love when my writing makes a connection with folks.

So I thought I’d share here the vows I wrote for this post on I Love Farm Weddings and I hope it inspires you to tell someone how much you love them. Right now. And again later too!

wedding vows

And PS – these are NOT the vows my husband and I said to each other on our wedding day, but we did write our own!