Hello 2014 and hello new goals.

Well hello to 2014. It’s almost three weeks in to the new year and I’m finally starting to get used to writing a 14 instead of a 13. And I know I am late to wishing you all a happy new year (this is the time table I am on as a mama to three!). But I will do so just the same and I truly hope this year is off to a wonderful and inspired start for you and that there is happiness ahead (lots and lots in fact).


There is only so much time in the day – we all know that well – and there are soooooooo many great things to do and people to share it all with. With that in mind, I’m making a plan for the year that will fill my time doing the work that makes my heart happy. It’s going to look a little something like this:

In 2014 I will focus my PHOTOGRAPHY on…
emily walen - minneapolis real life photographer
Do you ever say something like I wish I had cameras in my eyes all the time so I could capture this moment, right now? I say that all the time – practically every time I look at a hilarious thing one of my kids is doing at any given moment. It’s impractical to have your camera out all the time, and harder I am sure if you aren’t a photographer and have images in your mind constantly. But now imagine that I get to be with you and be your photographer for a day. To capture a “day in your life” (or part of a day) as it truly is right now. Real, gorgeous life. A day that includes your favorite things in your life. Capturing the moments that pass by that you wish you had a photo of so you can remember it forever. Having me there allows you to live life and have me capture it. Now imagine if you did this with me once a year and grew a collection of those days throughout life. What a wonderful way to reminisce about life. It’s like getting to be a fly on the wall, but better and with a camera.
emily walen - minneapolis birth photographer
Oh my goodness, I love being present at births. I tell people – it’s not a National Geographic/scientific look at birth, it’s a chance to tell this amazingly beautiful story of a child coming into their family’s life. Oh it is simply magical and I am honored to be part of it.
emily walen - minneapolis lifestyle photographer
Lifestyle sessions are so very fun. Families, individuals… I feel like everyone should be a part of a photo session! Carefree, fun, at your favorite place, or in the studio, and I love spending time with my clients and celebrating them through photographs.
emily walen - minneapolis family photographer
Being a mama, I sometimes feel like my heart is going to explode with how much love I have in there for my kids. It is remarkable – the bond between mother and child. I absolutely treasure being able to capture those relationships for my clients. Mamas with little children or grown children, there’s always reason to have a special photograph with your mother or your child(ren).
emily walen - minneapolis photography mentor and workshops
And workshops-yay! I love helping folks gain skill and confidence in their own photography. My goal for you is to encourage you to document your own life, and I want to help you do that with ease, using simple tips to make beautiful photographs of your own.

Want to know more about any or all of these? Send me a note or give me a call and I’ll gladly chat with you about it!

In 2014 I will focus my LIFE on…

Well there you have it. My goals and intentions and where my heart it at.

I could use your help to make this all happen. Here’s how:
…I would genuinely love to photograph you this year. You. Your real life. Your beautiful story. Let’s get together and do it!
…if you like my work, share it with others. Let them know about what I do. I work almost exclusively through referrals, and your referral would mean a lot to me.
…Comment on my blog when you read it. I’d love to know that you are out there! Without comments, blogging is pretty much like a one-sided conversation. I don’t think those are very much fun. So please say hello!
…Follow Emily Walen Photography on Facebook. Sorry, I am not on Twitter (here’s why).

Life is precious. I know that more now than ever. And I can’t wait to shape this year into one brimming with happiness. And my hope is for you to do the same.

Cheers, my friends.
emily walen - lifestyle minneapolis st paul photographer