Hello, I’m Emily.




I’ve been a professional photographer for more than 15 years – photographing a range of work from commercial product photography, to people, families, events, weddings. I love seeing life in images. I was once told that I even think in images.

As a writer, I’m working on a collection of travel essays, as well as manuscripts for several childrens books. It’d be a dream to get a storybook published (before my children are too old to enjoy it!).

Adventuring is what my family loves to do. Spend time outdoors, seeing new places, visiting as many national parks as we can. We love to be together exploring this beautiful Earth.

Thanks for being here! Say hello if you feel so inclined!

A few other random facts about me.
+I am a maker. Pretty much every day I make something – I paint, crochet, photograph, sew, draw, write, design… a day doesn’t feel complete without it.
+I was once a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. I auditioned for the show with my grandma, who so faithfully watched that show every evening. She was so excited when I was chosen to be a contestant. The puzzle I solved was a before & after with the answer “Computer Hard Drive Carefully.” It won me a few bucks, a pool table (that my dad promptly sold because we lived in a little house with no extra room), and limo service for a year. Did I mention I was 15? That meant for a year of high school, my friends and I took ridiculous trips in limousines, just for fun. I still love that show.
+I’m a mother of four. Becoming a mother quite profoundly gave meaning to my life in a way I didn’t know existed before. These little four loves of mine and my husband make my world spin around with love.
+We happily homeschool – a choice that still sometimes surprises me because I didn’t set out in parenthood to be a “homeschooling family.” But it has been a gift beyond what I could have imagined!
+In our home, we are a vegetarian/vegan(ish) family. I’m not known for my cooking skills, so it’s always an adventure. But we love animals, love the Earth, are not so concerned about labeling what we’re doing, and are instead are doing our best to tread lightly and live making compassionate choices for all living things.