This is a photography class I am sooooooooooo excited to teach! Let me introduce you to my newest class: KIDS + CAMERAS = LIFE THROUGH THEIR EYES!

Here’s the scoop…

THE WHAT: A photography experience class for young children to introduce them to using a real camera – capably AND responsibly. These young photographers will learn the basics about using a camera, taking photos on their own, and do a photography inspired craft project!

It’s a parent and child class – meaning the child will be the main attraction, but the parent WILL be involved in a really fun way! This also means that younger siblings probably shouldn’t attend, unless they are small enough to snuggle up in a wrap.

You’ll need to bring along a digital camera. This is not about being fancy, it’s about sharing your family’s camera with your child. It could be a big, shiny new camera, or maybe it’s your iPhone. Bring what your family uses to take photographs.

THE WHO: For young kiddos – ages 3ish-6ish. There’s no real age limit, but your child should be capable of holding a camera, new(er) to photography, be able to follow directions (hey, I have kids and know this happens only sometimes!) and excited to have fun and learn!

THE WHERE: A fabulous and fun photo studio in NE Minneapolis. These kids get to shoot in a real photo studio!

THE WHEN: Saturday, June 7th, 10am-12pm

$30 per child if you register early (by May 19th)
after May 19th, $40 per child. Space is limited since it is hands on class so register early!

THE BIG WHY: Our children are growing up in a time where photography is EVERYWHERE, all the time… their lives are immersed in it. It’s only natural they have an opportunity to be part of our visual world in a very hands on way.

For these child photographers: it’s a chance for them to do a bunch of great stuff: start learning photography basics, experience the joy of making a photograph, learn respect for a “grown up” tool, show how capable they really are, express themselves creatively, and learn a skill that they will use their whole lives long.

For the parents: If you’ve never watched a child use a camera on their own, let me share with you – there is this amazing empowering expression they carry with them. It is also remarkable to view a series of your child’s photographs from their point of view, their height, the way they see the world. It’s such a great reminder of how small they are and how important it is to get down on their level with them – see the world as they see it.

PLUS the class will be SO MUCH FUN!

Register on Eventbrite to secure your child’s spot! Space is limited since it is hands on class so register early! Please get in touch if you have questions!

Looking forward to spending an exciting and enriching morning together with you and your child! Hooray for photography!
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